Dévé is a modern lifestyle brand for the curious woman. Our carefully considered and timeless collections of jewellery reflect an uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability, ethical practices and our community of discerning women of substance. Through these offerings, Dévé celebrates those individuals who possess an eternal curiosity for learning from others, through experience and from the world that surrounds them;

Modern artefacts, for the curious mind.


Dévé launched with its signature offering: jewellery crafted from sterling silver and gold vermeil, with a view of offering additional accessories and luxury objects in the following years. Preserving a seasonless and timeless appeal, Dévé emphasises classic, sculptural and minimalist silhouettes, designed to transcend trends and elevate, with subtle elegance, laid back yet considered ensembles.


Inspired by a myriad of influences, from architecture, sculpture, and photography, to modernist furniture and history, Estelle Dévé has cultivated an eclectic inner world; a testament to a life lived nomadically. Raised in the French Occitanie region near Montpellier, to French and Catalan parents, she developed a worldly curiosity that would see her migrate to Australia. It was in Sydney, captivated by the artistry, skill and dedication of local jewellery designers, that Estelle discovered what has since been her vocation.

Respecting tradition and artisanship, while free from the constraints of formal training, Estelle has since brought a personal and inimitable approach to jewellery design. Honing a distinctive yet refined style, she has gained creative recognition and professional esteem within the industry.

Her successful debut and eponymous brand garnered support from the likes of Browns and Harvey Nichols and was featured in leading fashion titles such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview Magazine and RUSSH. Since relocating to London, she has designed for numerous British brands first in-house and, most recently, through her own consultancy business; Estelle Dévé Studio.

Estelle has developed a strong perspective, distinguished taste and a passion for the craftsmanship of quality, timeless and exquisite objects. She is as uncompromising about design that is resolutely sustainable, ethical and kind as she is dedicated to honouring the individuality of the discerning woman. Most importantly, she is committed to telling their stories – their passions, idiosyncrasies and joys – both through her jewellery and, more broadly, through Dévé as a brand.


Because the Dévé woman cares about the environment and others’ wellbeing and, simply, because it is right, we are committed to behaviours that are inherently kind, both to people and the Earth. Whilst we recognise that this journey may not always be straightforward, we are committed to navigating a path of sustainability and ethicality with honest intentions to learn, improve and inform.

Striving for effective and genuine sustainability, we offer enduring, timeless design of the utmost quality and repurpose recycled materials of the highest percentage possible within our products and packaging. We limit our production, make to order where possible and only release new collections when needed to avoid unnecessary waste. To engage in truly ethical trading, we work exclusively with factories, suppliers and artisans with proven ethical practices. Furthermore, as a Fairmined certified brand, we only source our gold from empowered and responsible artisanal and small-scale mining operations. We are not only committed to transparency on these matters but to actively showcasing our partner factories and their owners, workers and stories.

From biodegradable, compostable and recyclable postage boxes, manufactured with clean air and local fabrication policy, to our jewellery boxes, every element of our packaging is sustainably sourced. Shredded kraft paper, made from 100% recycled material, protects a fully recyclable jewellery box while in transit. Pieces are carefully encased in bags, crafted from biodegradable cornstarch, which in turn sit inside a pouch made from organic cotton.


Boma employs some 200 craftspeople, many of whom have worked with the family-owned business for decades. Dedicated to fair and ethical employment, Boma pays its workers Thailand’s living wage as the very minimum. Beyond this, its long-term career opportunities support individuals to become highly skilled, in addition to offering varied wellness initiatives, maternity leave and education scholarships. Emphasising traditional techniques and processes, particularly the ancient craft of lost wax casting, individual pieces are worked on by over 21 artisans, each a master of their handicraft.

Owning its full supply chain allows Boma to repair, reuse and recycle materials, while being transparent about its sustainability achievements and goals. As members of The American Sustainable Business Council, The Sustainable Fashion Alliance and The Forbes Business Council, Boma prioritises the use of recycled silver, is working to make its factory exclusively reliant on solar energy by the end of 2022 and is aiding communities in Southeast Asia to plant forests of mangroves, which absorb CO2 at exponential rates.

As a Social Purpose corporation, Boma emphasises such environmental, as well as social goals in balance with the interests of its shareholders. In addition to its Boma Girl Fund, which supports initiatives geared towards the families and communities of their employees, in 2020 it launched a grant program for black jewellery designers. Counting Dévé’s founder, Estelle among its mentors, the initiative offers valuable guidance and resources for independent jewellery designers of colour.


In 2004, Dean and Mark Johnston founded D&M in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, inspired by and having learnt the craft from their father, who established his business there in the 1980s. Emerging in the 19th century, the Jewellery Quarter once held the largest concentration of jewellery manufacturers across Europe and has since become a pioneer in the development of technology within the industry. A blend of traditional manufacturing, alongside new creative ventures, the now vibrant urban village continues to produce a large proportion of the
UK’s jewellery.

Experts in their field, Dean and Mark offer their clients specialist plating services, while simultaneously pursuing an ethical and sustainable operation. Working in gold that is Fairmined certified, D&M’s raw metals are ethically sourced from small-scale mining operations. Artisanal miners, working in rural communities and using traditional tools and methods, are therefore guaranteed fair trading, protections for their immediate environments and social development within their communities.

Presently based in Worcestershire, yet retaining close ties with Birmingham, D&M consciously limits its factory’s environmental footprint while fostering a community-centric workplace. Throughout their day, workers are encouraged to cycle or are assisted to use public transport, are paid for their lunch breaks and are encouraged to get regular fresh air, with many opting to take the office dogs for walks. Recognising the value of investing in individuals, the company supports its employees through training courses and by offering them routes to professional progression.

Furthermore, by recycling their materials, repurposing recycled materials into new products and operating with a clean water policy, D&M’s considered production minimises unnecessary waste and pollution.