L'Art est un fruit Earrings

Sterling silver



Organic, effortless and moving. The subtle gradients in the Lart est un fruit earrings are inspired by the sculptures of Jean Arp, who sought to redefine the relationship between humans, nature and objects. Representing abstract thoughts in tangible and sensual forms, his art did not attempt to imitate nature’s forms but, akin to organic material, germinate and grow in the human mind.

The L’art est un fruit earrings are thoughtfully crafted in your choice of sterling silver 925 or 18k gold vermeil. A mirror image of the other, each earring elegantly wraps around, framing the lobe. 2mm thick at their thickest point, these gradient earrings measure 25mm from their outer and 10mm at their inner diameters.Each weighs 6.5g.

All of the materials that we use in our jewellery are ethically and sustainably sourced using Fair Mined certified gold and predominantly recycled silver. 
The L'Art est un fruit earrings are cast and assembled in Thailand by a community of artisans from our partner factory, Boma. The gold vermeil option is finished in the UK by our plating specialist, D&M. Read more about the story behind our pieces and their makers here.

37 Jean Arp, Self-Dissolving Shell, c.1936.
38 Jose de Rivera, Belt Buckle N.5, c.1984.
39 Ken Hedrich and Henry Blessing, Chicago History Museum, c.1940.