Rhythm denotes the repetition of visual elements such as line, shape and colour within space. A fundamental principle of design, rhythm is essential for creating energy, movement and emotion.

In the early twentieth century, a fraction of avant-garde modernists, such as architect, Alvar Aalto, furniture designer, Eileen Grey and sculptor Jean Arp moved away from machine imagery, shifting their attention towards the curvilinear forms, organic structures and rhythms within nature’s geometry. Edition I is inspired by the way such artists have interacted with these natural formations and structures, reinterpreting them to express rhythm and movement in their work.

Poignantly arriving after a phase of collective stagnation, our first collection similarly reinterprets nature’s rhythms in unexpected ways. Asymmetric curves simulate the unfurling silhouettes of seashells. Ridges reference the transience of sand dunes, sculpted and dissolved by the wind. And tactile, sculptural proportions are softened by elegant silver and gold, creating objects of sensual modernity.

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