Topological space Ring

Gold vermeil



From prehistoric art to modern mathematics, curves have long occupied the human imagination. Isolating a breast or a thigh and distorting scale that they adopt new identities, Brandt’s surreal nudes interact with the contours of the female form, provoking a reconsideration of our perceived reality. A smooth textured, open band, the Topological Space ring contours the finger on a subtle gradient; feminine and elegant worn alone or in a group.

The Topological Space ring is thoughtfully crafted in your choice of sterling silver 925 or 18k gold vermeil. With a width of 4mm at its widest point, the inner diameter of the band varies according which of the following sizes is selected.
Size 52: 16.5mm – Size 54: 17.3mm – Size 56: 17.9mm

All of the materials that we use in our jewellery are ethically and sustainably sourced using Fair Mined certified gold and predominantly recycled silver. 
The Topological space ring is cast and assembled in Thailand by a community of artisans from our partner factory, Boma. The gold vermeil option is additionally finished in the UK by our plating specialist, D&M. Read more about the story behind our pieces and their makers here.

43 Bill Brandt, Nude, c.1956. 
44 Romain Laprade, Yehuda Synagogue by Yitzhak Toledano. 
45 Egyptian ivory clappers in the form of human hands, c.1539 - 1190 BC.

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